Joseph W. Soper Award for Excellence in Education

Established in 1995, the Joseph W. Soper Award for Excellence in Education award recognizes outstanding contributions in the area of contact lens education. Joseph W. Soper made many contributions to the field of eye care, including his invention of a topographical corneal mapping device. He authored/coauthored eight texts and over 150 scientific papers on contact lenses.  His expertise in ocular prosthetics and contact lenses led to his status as an internationally recognized speaker and instructor. He was a founding member of CLSA and its President in 1964. Joseph W. Soper passed away in 1999 after a long battle with kidney disease. 

2015 Michael Ward
2012 Phyllis Rakow
2010 Marcus Soper
2009  Mark Andre
2007 Patrick Goughary
2005 Jean Ann Vickery
2004  Craig Norman
2000 Linda Rhodes
1998 Susan Schnell (nee Connelly)
1995 Patrick Caroline