Summer 2019: Help Me with My Toric Presbyope!
Spring 2019: Special Double Issue

Summer 2018: Altered Architecture
Spring 2018: Contact Lenses in the Digital World
Winter 2018: The Dry Eye & Contact Lenses

Fall 2017: A Fresh Look at Solutions
Summer 2017: Multifocal Contact Lenses
Spring 2017: Pediatric Contact Lenses
Winter 2017: Contact Lens Fitting 101

Fall 2016: Ocular Surface Disease and Contact Lenses
Summer 2016: Optical Concepts and Principles for Contact Lenses
Spring 2016: Examining the Case Study
Winter 2016: Anatomy of a Cone

Fall 2015: Scleral Lens Practices
Summer 2015: Prosthetics, Hybrids, and Custom Soft Lenses
Spring 2015: RGP Lenses
Winter 2015: The Business Side of the Contact Lens Practice

Fall 2014: Advanced Techniques and Clinical Tools
Summer 2014: The Future of Contact Lenses
Spring 2014: Basics of Contact Lenses

Winter 2013: Aging and Contact Lenses: From Pediatrics to Geriatrics
Fall 2013: Contact Lens Solutions
Summer 2013: Specialty Soft Lenses
Spring 2013: Development and Benefits of Scleral Lenses

Winter 2012: Practice Management
Fall 2012: Designing and Manufacturing GP Lenses
Summer 2012: Contact Lenses for Atypical Cornea and for Unfriendly Surfaces
Spring 2012: Contact Lenses for Children